Air Audit & Leak Detection

ENERGY awareness is a major factor in everyday living. With rising energy costs every industry need to reduce their energy costs. Typically up to 20% of factory energy consumption is goes to the compressed air system. Analyze the total costs of your compressed air system and you’ll realize that power costs are significant. In just one year it could exceed the cost of the compressor itself. And over ten years, it could consume 70% of your overall costs. That is why it is important to investigate energy efficiency when you are considering a new compressor or your existing systems. It’s very important to ensure that the compressed air system is energy efficient, correctly sized & installed. 70% of Your Long-Term Compressor Cost is Energy.

We are ready to talk about Energy & Efficiency!

Phox India offers complete solutions for your compressed air system. An energy efficient and environmentally friendly system includes your compressors, dryers, filters, receivers; drain traps condensate management systems and flow controllers, which are perfectly matched to your requirements. So it allows us to focus on our customers exact requirements.

Therefore, we audit each & everything to create innovative solutions in compressed air technologies through communication and education with the goal of providing energy efficient systems of the highest quality. We have completely dedicated training on all areas of energy awareness & will be able to give you a full & detailed report on how you are operating highlighting the areas that need attention. This means that our expertise, training and support facilities ensure benefits to our customers. As we believe Energy is Money.