Reconditioning & Overhauling of Screw Element

Phox India has the personnel, resources, and facilities to provide the Industry with unmatched workmanship and customer service. From initial inspection and estimate, to replacement parts, keyway, and casting repairs, metalizing, and all the way down to the final coat of paint, Phox India will rebuild your equipment with a quality workmanship that can only be achieved through patience and experience.

The reconditioning of your compressor element is made of the following way:

  • All repaired units are warranted up to 1 year against defects in materials replaced and workmanship.
  • Replacement of all bearings, shaft seals, gaskets and pre-load springs with new parts of OEM quality or better. Where our experience dictates the load ratings of bearings is increased over OEM specifications.
  • All angular contact bearings and cylindrical roller bearings used have bronze retainers.
  • Precision Compressor will never use bearings with phenolic or poly bromide retainers.
  • Repair all bearing seats returning them to the manufacturer’s specified dimensions.
  • Repair all bearing boxes returning them to the manufacturer’s specified dimensions.
  • Repair all air gaps returning them to the manufacturer’s specified dimensions
  • Grinds all rotors to restore specified clearances & In addition the following services are provided on an as needed basis Repair cracks in the Stator housing, discharge end housing or inlet end housing.
  • Regrind above housings as required.
  • Repair or replace sealing strip on rotors.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors and shafts to the ISO 1940 standard when needed Testing and evaluation of performance

Since we stock many re-manufactured air ends, we also offer an exchange program. Call us for more information. Our specialists are always there to service your needs.