Mission & Vision

Phox India's Advantages:

Just because of an air compressor part having a compressor manufacturer's logo doesn't mean it's a better part-or of better value. Here's what our customers expect from us...and what we deliver with every order:

They bought those parts from specialty manufacturers. We realized that the best way to provide the best value to our customers was to buy the parts directly, and supply the parts directly to our customers. By cutting out several layers of corporate middlemen, we were able to save our customers' big money while providing the same-or even better-parts.
  • Proprietary engineering that assures a perfect replacement every time.
  • Precision parts proven to outperform the compressor manufacturer's brand parts in head-to-head tests.
  • Pricing that beats the compressor dealer's pricing by up to 25%.
  • 100% replacement warrantees & better than any other parts warranty in the industry.
  • An experienced service team that knows compressors inside and out so you always get the right part on right time.
We now source thousands of international quality OEM Parts, Lubricants and Accessories, and the list grows longer every day. At PHOX INDIA we are committed to helping our customers get the exact parts they need while saving money every time. It's our philosophy “The Service with Technology” that is working & motivating us.