Hazardous Area Equipment

As a part of the Gardner Denver global network, we have the knowledge, experience and technical resources to deliver high performance hazardous area technology, for fi xed and mobile offshore and industrial applications. With an extensive range of products capable of delivering air and gas from vacuum to 414 bar;

  1. Oil free and lubricated screw compressors
  2. Centrifugal compressors
  3. Reciprocating compressors
  4. Diesel driven compressors
  5. Positive displacement blowers
  6. Centrifugal blowers
  7. Vacuum pumps

Each one of our units is manufactured without compromise, using exacting tolerances, materials of the highest quality and the highest engineering standards. Producing tailor made packages to meet your specifi c design requirements and standards. Built to handle even the harshest and most hostile environments.

Our products are backed by our global service support network, to meet your service requirements throughout the life cycle of your equipment, no matter where in the world you are. Our ability to provide an effective maintenance program for your high compression systems not only ensures uninterrupted service, but provides the additional security of scheduled maintenance services, ensuring your capital investment delivers for years to come.